Buy a Generator in South Florida or Rent for Hurricane Preparedness?

Buy a Generator in South Florida or Rent for Hurricane Preparedness?

Should I Buy a Generator in South Florida?

This is a question that we hear often at Generators On Call.  Should I buy a generator in South Florida. In a commercial environment, some businesses choose to purchase a generator to make certain they have uninterrupted power while other businesses choose to rent or lease generators for emergency power back-up in the event of a hurricane.  The generators that are leased or rented by businesses are secured well in advance of a storm. Why? To keep costs low and to be guaranteed a generator during hurricane season, these businesses enter into agreements to pay a low monthly fee for access to a generator during a power outage.

As a residential user, your needs and your budget will determine which generator solution is the best for you and your family.  Have a budget in the tens of thousands of dollars? Then a whole house generator with an automatic transfer switch may be your ticket.  For the rest of us, smaller and less costly portable generators provide the perfect balance between budget and needs. But don’t be fooled, reliable portable generators can cost thousands of dollars.

In the past, if homeowners of Broward and Palm Beach Counties wanted a portable generator, they were usually forced to purchase a large piece of costly equipment that would likely sit in the garage until needed.  If the generator was not routinely maintained, it would likely not start or work reliably. If you didn’t purchase a generator and chose to rent one, then you’d likely face a different issue, there were none available.  Although some large rental businesses in cities such as Fort Lauderdale may have a few generators for rent throughout the year, once a hurricane approaches, these generators quickly disappear.

At Generators On Call, we provide similar services that businesses use for emergency power, but we provide it directly to you, the homeowner.  Thanks to Generators On Call, South Florida homeowners no longer have to purchase, store, or maintain a generator. We do it all. As a hurricane approaches a Generators on Call member, all you do is call us and we will handle the rest.

In reality you have two choices to secure emergency power.  You can choose to purchase a generator and deal with the expense and headaches of ownership or you can join Generators On Call.  No matter what you do, please be prepared and be safe this hurricane season.

Buy a Generator in South Florida


Become a Member of Generators On Call

Buying a generator makes sense in some cases depending on your finances, mechanical abilities, and storage space.  If you’re not aware, today’s generators are much more complicated than ones from years’ past. Similar to your car, most generators are computer controlled to ensure fuel efficiency, quiet operation, and to make certain the electric that is generated is safe for sensitive electronics.  However, purchasing and maintaining a generator can be a costly undertaking. Picture the maintenance your car requires in order to operate reliably. Generators frequently require the same or similar services.

When you buy a generator in South Florida it is not always an easy decision.

First, you must purchase the generator (likely thousands of dollars for a quiet and reliable unit).

Next, you have the required services that must be performed (some of these services are needed several times a year):

Oil Changes
Fuel Filter Replacement
Spark Plug Replacement
Spark Plug Wire Replacement
Fuel Cleaning and Fuel Replacement (if the generator is not run daily)
Battery maintenance and/or ReplacementManual Recoil Starter Maintenance
Electric Starting System Maintenance
Spark Arrestor Maintenance (to Prevent Fires)
Load Testing for Reliability (similar to driving your car for long distances on the highway)
Miscellaneous parts and hardware including hoses and wheels.

As you can see, maintaining a generator is not all that easy.  The biggest issue generator owner’s face is that their fuel systems tend to go bad due to the ethanol content in today’s fuel.  If not operated daily, the ethanol causes sever corrosion within the fuel system. Once corroded, the generator engine will likely fail to start.  Most people don’t want to inspect, maintain, and start a generator every day or every week. What good is a generator if it won’t start when you need it?

Benefits of Generators On Call Membership Compared to Buying a Generator in South Florida

Unlike owning a generator and needing to perform the maintenance described above, once you become a member of Generators On Call (we currently only service Broward and Palm Beach County) we do all of the heavy lifting.  First you select the generator that best meets your needs based on the number of appliances you’d like to run or the wattage you require. Next you subscribe to our service by paying a low monthly fee for the generator you select.  That’s it. No gimmicks, no hidden fees, no hassle.

Assuming you live in either Broward or Palm Beach Counties we show up with a RELIABLE AND QUIET Honda Generator ready to provide instant power.  Remember, we perform the maintenance described above so that you do not have to.

Our South Florida generator service is like renting a generator except it is guaranteed for you when you need it most.

We hope this post helps you make up your mind!  We hope we have answered your question – Should I buy a generator in South Florida.  Please contact us with any questions you may have.