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Our plans cover Broward and Palm Beach Counties.  Join now and we will guarantee you a generator in the event of a hurricane. 


General FAQs

A hurricane is expected to hit my home, can I have a generator delivered prior to the storm arriving?

Definitely! We prefer to have a generator delivered to your home prior to the storm affecting your location.

A tropical storm is expected to hit my home, can I have a generator delivered prior to the storm arriving?

We presently provide services in preparation for a hurricane. Tropical storms tend to cause less damage and power interruptions. If a tropical storm is expected to turn into a hurricane prior to making landfall, we will provide our generator services. Rest assured, our storm team is constantly monitoring weather updates for changes in tropical storms and hurricane activity. Either way, if you are out of power due to a tropical storm or hurricane, we will gladly deliver a generator to your home.

Are your generators safe for my sensitive electronics?

Yes. We use only the highest quality inverter generators to quietly and safely power your appliances.

Can I obtain a Generators On Call membership when a hurricane or tropical storm is expected to strike my location?

Member enrollment for Generators On Call is not permitted when a storm is five or less days from impact on the mainland United States. For your protection, we recommend enrollment as soon as possible in order to have emergency electrical service reserved for you and your loved ones.

Can I sign-up and pay for a family member or loved-one to have generator service?

Yes. You can sign-up a friend or family member for one of our emergency power packages. Please use the family member’s or loved one’s address as the primary service address for membership during the enrollment process.

Can I use my Generators On Call membership at a location other than my registered address?

Each Generators On Call membership is associated with the primary address provided during enrollment. The membership is not transferrable and is only available for use at the address used during enrollment, or updated thereafter due to a move or relocation.

Do I need to perform any maintenance to the generator?

No. We maintain and store all generators at our off-site facility.

Having access to emergency power is medically necessary for my medicine refrigeration and/or for my durable medical equipment. Am I considered a priority?

Yes! Members that require constant access to electricity for medical purposes are top priority. During or just after enrollment, members that require access to electricity for medical purposes will be personally assisted by one of our customer service professionals to make certain you are identified as a TOP PRIORITY and to answer any questions you may have. Our team can also help you select the generator package that best serves needs. We encourage persons that are dependent on electricity for medical purposes to enroll in our White Glove Service for a truly full-service experience.

How far in advance may I schedule to have a generator delivered?

You may have the generator delivered to your home within four days prior to the expected arrival of the hurricane. Our storm team is constantly monitoring for changes in hurricane forecasting models to better help you plan for delivery. We will have emergency teams on the road until the conditions are no longer safe for you or our teams.

How long can I keep the generator?

You can keep the generator for as long as your utility provider is unable to provide electrical power. Whether its days, weeks, or months….We have you covered!

How loud are your generators?

The better question is, “how quiet are your generators?” At full load, our generators are typically as quiet as a dishwasher or clothes dryer. At partial load, you will barely notice its running.

How much does the Theft Protection Program cost?

During membership enrollment, you may sign-up for our Theft Protection Program for $9 per month for a one year term.

Learn more about each membership plan on our enrollment page.

How much is the generator replacement fee?

The generator replacement fee varies depending on which generator package you purchase. Generator replacement costs range from approximately $1,000 to several thousand dollars, depending on the size and the model of the generator.

I did not enroll in the Theft Protection Program during enrollment and am having a generator delivered to my home, may I still sign up?

You may sign up for the Theft Protection Program at a daily rate of $4.99 for each day you have possession of the generator. Please contact our customer service professionals to add the Theft Protection Program to your Generators On Call membership.

I do not know how to use a generator, what do I do?

We provide every member with a step-by-step demonstration and laminated directions for safe generator usage. If, for any reason, you do not want to operate the generator, we offer a white-glove service program.

I have been impacted by a hurricane, lost power, and did not request a generator delivery. Can Generators On Call deliver one?

Of Course! Weather permitting; we will make every effort to provide same day delivery. Due to the severity of possible storm damage, same day service may not be available. Our emergency on-call operators will provide you with up-to-date delivery information 24 hours a day/, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

I live in a condominium or apartment; will I be able to safely operate a generator during an emergency?

Each condominium and apartment layout is different. If you have an exterior landing, patio, or other similar exterior structure, a generator may be safe to operate. Please contact one of our customer service professionals to determine if a Generators On Call generator is appropriate for you. Generators On Call does not know nor does it monitor specific condominium or apartment rules and regulations. If you have questions regarding specific rules and regulations at your community, please contact your community representatives for guidance.

I’d like to keep one of your generators year round, is that possible?

Not at this time. In order to deliver you with a high quality experience, we store and maintain the generators at our facility to ensure reliable service for our customers.

If I do not call to request a generator in preparation for a hurricane, will I still receive a generator?

Members must contact our customer service professionals to request delivery of a generator. Often times we have customers that leave the area in preparation for a storm and will not need a generator. Therefore, please contact us to schedule delivery if you are staying in the area.

Is it safe to operate a generator indoors?

No, generators must be used outdoors only. Although our generators are very quiet, they must be used in an exterior well-ventilated area. Proper placement of the generator is important to prevent exhaust fumes from entering your home.

What happens if I lose power and it’s not due to a hurricane?

At this time, we do not offer non-hurricane related power services. However, we do plan to offer this benefit in the near future.

What happens if my generator is stolen?

One of two things will occur. First, we ask that you immediately notify Generators On Call and file a police report with your local police department detailing the theft. You must provide Generators On Call with a certified copy of the police report with a case number. If you enrolled in our Theft Protection Program, you do not need to take any additional steps. You are not financially responsible and are covered for the theft of the generator.

If you are not enrolled in our Theft Protection Program, you will be responsible for the cost of the generator. We will work with you and your insurance company in order to collect the replacement cost of the generator and generator accessories. We reserve the right to use the credit card or billing method provided at time of enrollment for collection of the entire generator replacement fee.

What happens if the generator breaks or does not function properly?

The first step is to report your generator issue to us….anytime, day or night. We will quickly dispatch a technician and either repair or replace the generator at our cost.

What is the white-glove service program?

It is an enhanced service that is 100% hands off for you. We will deliver, install, and operate the generator for you or your loved ones.

Learn more about each membership plan on our enrollment page.

What type of fuel does the generator use?

Unless otherwise noted on the generator unit and/or in the paperwork provided during generator delivery, gasoline is the only approved fuel. Our generators will run fine on low-grade, mid-grade and high-grade gasoline. Using fuel other than gasoline (unless otherwise noted) will damage the generator.

What will I receive in my Generators On Call membership package?

Your membership materials will include:

  1. A Generators On Call new member guide.
  2. A unique membership identification number usable only by you at your registered address.
  3. Three adhesive membership emblems for placement on your mailbox, front window(s), and/or door(s). We prefer to have you place the membership emblem on your mailbox or near your front door in a visible location so that our technicians can quickly and easily locate your home.

Learn more about each membership plan on our enrollment page.

Will I receive a separate fuel container with my generator?

Yes, you will receive one or more (based on the generator service you select) five gallon fuel container when your generator is delivered to your home. Depending on generator type, you may receive more than one fuel container to make certain you have enough fuel capacity for the generator to operate for an extended period of time.

Learn more about each membership plan on our enrollment page.

Will the fuel container be filled with fuel?

An empty fuel container will be supplied. It is up to the member to fill the container with fuel. If you are interested in fuel delivery, our White Glove Service program may interest you. Please review our White Glove Service program details for additional information.

Learn more about each membership plan on our enrollment page.

Will the generator be delivered with a full tank of fuel?

Yes, we will deliver the generator with a full tank of fuel.

Learn more about each membership plan on our enrollment page.

White Glove FAQs

Aside from fuel expenses, am I responsible for any additional expenses for operation or care of the generator?

No. You are not responsible for any additional fees during the normal course of generator usage.

How much does White Glove Service cost?

During membership enrollment, you may sign-up for our White Glove Service for $19.99 per month for a one year term.

Learn more about each membership plan on our enrollment page.

I did not enroll in White Glove Service during enrollment and am having a generator delivered to my home, may I still sign up?

Unfortunately, we are unable to enroll members in White Glove Service when the generator is delivered. If available, White Glove Service must be purchased at time of enrollment or prior to the start of hurricane season.

May I use the fuel for uses other than the generator?

Not at this time. We will provide enough fuel to operate only your generator. We will schedule our fuel delivery based on typical generator consumption for your particular model.

What is White Glove Service?

White Glove Service is our answer to your needs. From start to finish, our technicians will handle all aspects of your generator for you. From initial startup to refueling, our technicians will handle the entire generator experience. You do not need to find gas, wait in lines, or refill the generator. Generators On Call will handle the entire process. White Glove Service provides a hands-off, safe, and reliable generator experience for you and/or your loved ones. White Glove Service is not available in all locations and is available for a limited time on a first come, first served basis.

Will a technician be able to refuel the generator, tend to the generator, or otherwise assist in the middle of a storm? What happens if access to my residence is blocked due to debris or adverse weather conditions?

The safety of you and our team is TOP PRIORITY. We will make every reasonable attempt to provide our White Glove Service to you. In the event adverse weather conditions or impassable roads prevent our technicians from safely and quickly reaching you, we will reach you at the next safest opportunity.

Will fuel and/or gasoline be delivered with White Glove Service?

Yes, if enrolled in White Glove Service, Generators On Call will provide generator fuel for the entire duration or your power outage. Fuel charges are based on each delivered five gallon fuel container. Fuel is typically delivered in filled 5 gallon fuel containers and includes delivery to your residence.

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