Premium Membership Subscription

$159.00 / month

Choose a membership plan based on how many rooms you want to light and how many large appliances you will need to run during a power outage.

Our Premium Membership includes a Honda 3000 watt generator that will run up to 2 large appliance and 6 small appliances.   The plan includes two 50 ft cord and 2 LED room light (additional cords and lights available below).   This is a electric start generator that will run up to 15 hours on a single tank of fuel. 


  • 3000 watt Honda generator
  • 2 – 50 foot power cord
  • 2 – LED room light
  • 1 – full tank of fuel
  • 1 – 5 gallon empty fuel container
  • Free delivery

Optional – Add More Extension Cords

Add more extension cords depending on the size of your home. 50ft each. (Price per month)

Optional – Add More LED Room Lights

Light multiple rooms for safety and security. (Price per month)

Optional – Add 20 Inch Fans

Stay cool in the Florida heat. (Price per month)

Optional – Add More 5 Gallon Fuel Cans (delivered empty)

Extend your generator run time with additional fuel cans. (Price per month)

Optional – White Glove Service

The White Glove Service Program provides you with a hands-free generator solution. Our technicians will hook-up, start, and fuel the generator. No waiting in lines for fuel, no worrying about operating the generator… we take care of everything. (Price per month)

Optional – Theft Protection Plan

Our Theft Protection Plan protects you if the generator is stolen from your home. 100% protection (Price per month)